5 Reasons Why Most Schools Are Failing 
Your Child With Special Needs
- And What You Can Do About It -
Rory Bremner with a copy of Soli's book

School can be an amazing place for our children to grow, flourish and develop. 

However too often our children with special needs are not adequately catered for. Their needs are not met and they end up failing and their self-esteem plummets. 

So we end up having to battle with the school, complain, dig in our heels and wear thick skins. 

It doesn't have to be this way.

School and home should be working as a team for the success of your child.

You want your child to have great emotional health and have  positive, soaring self-esteem.

You want your child to have fantastic interests or hobbies that they can excel at.

You want your child to be socially comfortable.

You want your child to be given every opportunity and find success.

You want your child to reach their full potential.

In this book you will learn what to insist should be happening in school. 

I will give you real practical advice and tips about what should be going on at home to support learning. I will also give you some tried and tested tips on behaviour management. 

Click below for your free PDF copy of my book available for you to view immediately.

I am passionate about creating the right environments and supporting the needs of our special children so that they can flourish.

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